About: Evan Milton, MC

Evan Milton is an accomplished MC, with experience ranging from indoor music concert and outdoor big stage hosting to the facilitation of panel discussions, workshops and conference discussions.

Some highlights include:

  • MC for the 2012 Digital Edge “National Assembly” internet and mobile marketing conference. (Perhaps oddly, it involved wearing a judge’s wig and robe.) See TheDigitalEdge.co.za
  • MC for four years running for the Levi’s Vintage Sundays series. (This involved well over fifty “MTV unplugged” style concerts at the Green Dolphin. It was an annual musical treasure that is now, sadly, defunct.)
  • Chairing the “What is World Music?” panel at the inaugural Cape Town World Music Festival. (A contentious term that required thorough unpacking before we could get on with the real point of it all – enjoying the tunes). See CapeTownWorldMusicFestival.com
  • MCing Real Wired Music’s fundraising concert for victims of the Haiti earthquake at the Baxter Theatre. (With over ten artists, each performing only two songs, this required an ongoing series of seamless introductions. It was a tough – but worthwhile – night.)
Evan Milton, MC, backstage at the Haiti fundraiser

Evan Milton backstage at the Haiti fundraiser. Pic courtesy Deborah Rossouw, OneSmallChange


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