#FutureMusic: Plastician live with Brother Moves On, Bateleur & more..

Cape Town goes grime: Plastician live at #FutureMusic (Sat 9 Nov)

#FutureMusic hosts UK grime / dubstep master Plastician, playing with Reason, The Brother Moves On and  Watermark High (Joburg, Fri  8 Nov, Alex Theatre) and Bateleur, Wildebeats and Andy Mkosi (Cape Town, 9 Nov, Assembly).

On occasion, this blog highlights important music events by means of slapping up a press release. This one is important, not just because South Africa gets to hear Plastician, but also because one of our artists will get to play at London’s Roundhouse Rising Festival next February. In the running to fly the South Africa flag are Reason, The Brother Moves On and The Watermark High (playing Joburg on 8 November) and Bateleur, Wildebeats and Andy Mkosi (playing Cape Town event on 9 November).

Johannesburg, Friday 8 November, 9pm – 2am

Plastician (UK), Reason (ZA), The Brother Moves On (ZA) and The Watermark High (ZA)

Alexander Theatre, Stiemens Street, Braamfontein

Ticket price: R50 – R80

Cape Town, Saturday 9 November, 9pm – 4am

Plastician (UK), Bateleur (ZA), WiLDEBEATS (ZA) and Andy Mkosi (ZA)

The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town
Ticket price: R50 – R80

Press release below (somewhat edited for style and sense)

#FutureMusic Rising announces six finalists. This superb weekend of music will be headlined by critically acclaimed UK dubstep pioneer and DJ, Plastician – who will also sit on judging panel to decide on the winner. The winner of the #FutureMusic Rising search will be the act that has the best chance of making an impact on the highly competitive international music scene.

An overwhelming response to the #FutureMusic Rising call for entries made it a difficult decision on which six acts to shortlist for the November final. A total of 84 South African-based music acts under the age of 35, made it onto the nominees list.

The finalists who are now in the running for the chance to perform at the Roundhouse Rising Festival at the iconic Roundhouse music venue in London (UK) next February 2014 are Reason, The Brother Moves On and The Watermark High – who will play at the Johannesburg event on 8 November – and Bateleur, Wildebeats and Andy Mkosi – who will play at the Cape Town event on 9 November.

Born in Tembisa and raised in Katlehong, Reason came up as a battle rapper competing in numerous competitions, both official and on the street corner. It wasn’t long before Johannesburg began to take notice and he began making appearances on YFM delivering breakfast jingles for DJ Fresh in 2005. Reason has been named Hype Magazine’s King of the Bedroom and “Emcee of the Month” by Hip Hop’s first lady Lee Kasumba. He has performed in multiple shows across South Africa and in Scandinavia, and collaborated with some of South Africa’s most prolific rappers such as Proverb, Tumi, Zubz, ILL Skillz, HHP, Amu, and AKA.

The Brother Moves On (TBMO) – founded by broad-based artist Nkululeko Mthembu – is a South African performance art ensemble from Johannesburg. TBMO began as a self-proclaimed art movement mainly of graphic and fine artists and now incorporates instrumentalists for the live performance environment. In their emerging stages, the movement interrogated the notion that members were each an impermanent part of the process. Hence the derivation of the name The Brother Moves On. In its current configuration, TBMO performs mainly as a band.

The Watermark High is the alias of Johannesburg based electronic musician and producer, Paul van der Walt. Paul’s sound typically evolves around the marriage of acoustic and synthetic instruments, beats, samples, field recordings and loops, to create evocative electronic sound collages.

Bateleur is a 6-piece instrumental band based in Cape Town. Bateleur’s entire process is democratic and the band’s musical expression functions as a collective where the focus is on the practice of artistic creation, itself, rather than merely the final product. The collective song-writing process results in music with an eclectic mix of experimentation with harmony, melody and challenging song structures. The band has released two EPs (Mountain and Cargo Cults) and played in a number of music festivals, including Rocking The Daisies, Splashy Fen, Flamjangled Tea Party, World music festival, Sowing the Seeds, AZGO (Mocambique) and Lake of Stars (Malawi).


Computer Scientist and producer Mohato Lekena is the alter ego of South African bass/hip-hop producer Wildebeats. Having been involved with rap since before the word pimping was a compliment, Wildebeats aims to create morphed, future versions of the instrumentals he grew up on. Operating with the glow LDB collective, he hopes to soon bring more jiggle to the local scene.

Andy Mkosi is a 23 year old up and coming rapper based in Cape Town. He has been on the performance circuit for the past three years. His sound is more inclined to soul, jazzy and boom bap and he writes about everyday life.

 #FutureMusic shortlist

In association with British Council Connect ZA and Live Magazine SA, the shortlist was selected by the head of the Roundhouse music programme Oliver Kluczewski, who said: “It’s been a genuinely exciting process going through all the great entries for the #FutureMusic Rising, and fantastic to know that there is such a wealth of musical talent in young South Africa, waiting to be heard. We can’t wait to hear the acts live and see who is ready to take Joburg and Cape Town by storm!”

This superb weekend of music will be headlined by critically acclaimed UK dubstep pioneer and DJ, Plastician – who will also sit on judging panel to decide on the winner.

In the end, the winner of the #FutureMusic Rising search will be the act that has the best chance of making an impact on the highly competitive international music scene.


Bateleur: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/bateleur/
Wildebeats: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/wildebeats/
Andy Mkosi: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/andy-mkosi/
Reason: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/reason/
The Brother Moves On: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/the-brother-moves-on/
The Watermark High: http://futuremusicza.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/the-watermark-high-paul-van-der-walt/

    The Roundhouse
The Roundhouse is more than just a great venue. Each year it works with over 3,000 11-25 year olds, enabling them to realise their creative potential, and offers audiences of all ages new and extraordinary experiences in live music, circus, spoken word, theatre and new media. Roundhouse Rising is an annual new music festival that pioneers and platforms the best in new music. As well as live performance, the festival offers a range of development opportunities for young people, focusing on creative workshops, industry advice sessions, seminars and talks.

   British Council Connect ZA
Connect ZA is British Council initiated project that is working to connect the new generation of creative professionals and audiences in the UK and South Africa.
http://connectza.tumblr.com, twitter.com/Connect_ZA, Facebook
For further information contact Tom Porter, Head of Arts, tom.porter@britishcouncil.org OR Thabiso Mohare, Arts Project Manager, thabiso.mohare@britishcouncil.org

   Live SA
Live SA is a youth media company who publish the Live Magazine print and livemag.co.za online platforms for 18-25 year olds in South Africa.
http://www.livemag.co.za/futuremusicrising/, http://www.facebook/LiveMagSA, @LiveMagSA, http://www.youtube.com/LiveMagSA
For further information contact Beth O’Connor, beth@livemag.co.za or 079 887 7991

Full list of South African musicians nominated for #FutureMusic Rising:

AcidChimpMonks (Gauteng)
Agord Lean 128Klan (Gauteng)
Alphaplex (Western Cape)
Andy Mkosi (Gauteng)
Applesawc (Western Cape)
Aubzilla (Gauteng)
#The Awusmest (Western Cape)
Bateleur (Western Cape)
BCUC – Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (Gauteng)
BIG FKN GUN (Gauteng)
Big Space (Western Cape)
The Brother Moves On (Gauteng)
Black Porcelain (Western Cape)
BOOKLUB – (Western Cape)
Breeze (Gauteng)
Catlike Thieves (Gauteng)
Card on Spokes (Western Cape)
City of Heroes (Gauteng)
CMJaymmotla (Gauteng)
Crimson House (Western Cape)
The Ded C (Western Cape)
Diamond Thug (Western Cape)
D.S.O (Western Cape)
Ebuhlanti With Majola (Western Cape)
Enigma Project (Gauteng)
Fratpack (Gauteng)
Fruit & Veggies (KwaZulu Natal)
Galactidactyl (Western Cape)
Gang of Ballet (KwaZulu Natal)
Green Grass Grow (Western Cape)
HBC (Gauteng)
Holiday Murray (Western Cape)
Impande Core (Gauteng)
The Inner State (Western Cape)
Irvine (Western Cape)
Jellyfish (Western Cape)
Jeremiah Fyah Ises (Gauteng)
K-Star (Western Cape)
Khethi & Her AfroTwist (Gauteng)
Lepulana All-Stars (Gauteng)
Lindiwe Maxolo (Gauteng)
Lu-Fuki (Gauteng)
Major League (Gauteng)
Mandie Mafu (Western Cape)
Maramza (Western Cape)
Mashayabhuqe kaMamba (Gauteng)
Max-Hoba (Gauteng)
Melanie Scholtz (Western Cape)
Melina (Gauteng)
Miss Patty Monroe (Western Cape)
Momentss (Western Cape)
Moonchild (Gauteng)
Muzart (Gauteng)
MUZI (Gauteng)
37 MPH (Gauteng)
NANI (Gauteng)
Nombongo (Gauteng)
Plagiarhythm (Cape Town)
Quintisential (Gauteng)
Reason (Gauteng)
Rheebongs (Western Cape)
Riky Rik (Gauteng)
Ruffest (Western Cape)
Science on Stereo (Gauteng)
ShenFM (Western Cape)
Shotgun Tori (Gauteng)
S.S.K (Western Cape)
SlabofMisuse (Western Cape)
Southpaw (Western Cape)
St.Dog and the Day (Gauteng)
Tebello (Gauteng)
Ternielle Nelson (Gauteng)
Timo Abdul (Western Cape)
Trenton & Free Radical (Western Cape)
Tribute Mboweni (Gauteng)
TSA (Gauteng)
Twelv & Thesis (Gauteng)
Umlilo (Western Cape)
Vegy Man (Gauteng)
Velvet Suite Lounge (Gauteng)
V-way The Hero (Gauteng)
The Watermark High (Gauteng)
Wildebeats (Western Cape)
Women Who Kill (Gauteng)
Working Class Royalty (Gauteng)
Zuko Collective (Gauteng)

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